Once upon a tale
Up in cloud +90 Air
Where flowers sparkle sari
Golden bees are spelled ari

Sari they call her
Sari like Emily and Flora
Blink blink Dickinson
Wink wink the Jetsons

Captain & crew wonder
Who Aylison & co in thee tender?
Flora is Max’ing in a waxing pic
So Emily sings in thee mini mic:


Sari is a curator, exquisite locator
Chic natator, you know?
Preppy decorator, lucid negotiator!
Cupid collaborator? Hahha.

By starry placement,
Weighing souls and checks and balances

Celestial indicator, COSTAR calculator
Tonight, a forgetful pin coder!

Multidimensional cooperator
Some say initiation accelerator
Aka (Ak Ana) invisible escalator to Air?
Flora confirms – frontier adventurer!

Bonjuk activator, sonic oscillator
Cosmic dancer, sororitrier
Pulse generator?

Flower bottle navigator!

Airdashian? in the decks

Yougiterian? in the checks

Lover? peace on Earth!

Initiate? to the rays

Solar? citizen bureaucrat

Oracle? knows an energy lady astralnout

Narrator? this never ending tale!

“War is a game gone too far

Is this a dream or is this a?

Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth.”


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