Floral Rising

In haiku, flowers are often used as words expressing the season (kigo). Also, the impression given by each flower makes it possible to have a clear image in poems.

風吹て  山吹蝶を  はね返し

Kaze huki te/ Yamabuki cho wo/ Hanekaeshi

There is a wind,

The kerria bounces

The butterfly.



紙漉きの  恋に咲きけり  鳳仙花

Kamisuki no/ Koi ni saki keri/ Housenka


Love has a flower of


昼顔の  花に皺見る  あつさかな

Hirugao no/ Hana ni shiwa miru/ Atsusa kana

The convolvulus

Flower shows creases.

It’s a hot day.




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