Pearls of Wisdom

  1. always wear that invisible crown
  2. love is a hobby
  3. feelings are a decision

Although training and development are important, recruiting and selection are much more important.

Being honest is not merely a lack of lying, but practicing the active sharing of truth.

Thank the flowers! 🙂 Drink your lemons! 🙂 Get wet! 🙂


Be of service to one another out of reciprocity, focus on love and forgiveness, and train your mind to see the good in every situation and respect everyone’s time.

You can protect yourself from this kind of thing, but you’ll need to use your will power. The most important thing you must do is stay focused on your path. It’s best not to tell them your decision or why because they’ll probably just confuse you. Just remember, feelings are a decision.

Confirm to yourself that the dance is over.  Have a bucket of, light 🙂 Thoughts are things and this will help you if you allow it to.

The more you are involved with the person in your memories, the more likely you’re going to have second thoughts in weaker moments. Instead of caving, detach from the situation, accept the person as they are and remind yourself that your attention is needed elsewhere.

Best thing you can do is let time do it’s thing. We are here to give love, not demand it.

It’s just not a priority right now to help someONE. When we need you to help EVERYone.

But it is a priority to sharpen your spirit:

  1. pink bath, glass reflection, flower fields, horse connection, 4/10….with so much room *in the air* for improvement!!
  2. Always wear your invisible crown. Keep it invisible no matter the temptation to shine it. VIP really stands for very invisible person. People get blinded by the light and want a piece of that. But this is so futile right now. Think in scales. How you can distribute it on scale. More spirit less human, bitte.
  3. Use music and use art, not people, for escape. Your passions will lead you to your truest of friends.












whose got time for love? it’s a … hobby

feelings are a decision, confirmed

wear your crown, clown!










Copyright © 2017 Knokke


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