AD 2150





A book that changes lives, 2150 A.D. presents a vision of an attainable future through the eyes of Jon Lake, a man transported into the fantastic world of 2150 in his nightly dreams.

Encountering the future utopian Macro Society, populated by peaceful human beings demonstrating remarkable abilities, Jon is offered the opportunity to permanently join them, if he can evolve – quickly. Only his Micro tendencies from a life lived in the 20th century stand in the way of paradise.




Laika, Soviet space dog

You travel with Jon who lives in 1976. When his mind is in the sleep-state, the forces of the future world reach out to him and show him how things can be. Go with him on his perilous adventure – a mind-expanding exodus from the imperfect today into a better tomorrow. Discover the beauty and the emotional demands such a journey can bring. Explore the system of thought and action that can be achieved in the macro world. This is a novel you can’t put down – a philosophy you can begin living with now.



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